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Latest ANNOUNCEMENT  ‣    Our popular and highly demanded BioDSS sanitiser is NOW available in 1 liter and 5 liter refilling packing. Even up to 200 liter packaging can be arranged. Please order from our Distributors or Resellers. Thank you.


ShuXinRen - Has a new image Shu Xin Ren

Shu Xin Ren (舒心仁) or commonly known as SXR is now being rebranded with a new design.

BioDSS Spray - Antimicrobial and Antipathogenic Spray BioDSS

When you need an all-natural sanitiser without alcohol that can cause dryness and will irritate sensitive skin, you should try our BioDSS sanitiser, which disinfect, sterilise and sanitise and it is also effective in fighting against 99% of microbes, such as certain viruses, bacteria and fungus.

BioCelles Hair Essence (BHE) - was previously known as BioCelles XG hair BioCelles Hair Essence (BHE)

BioCelles Hair Essence (BHE) was previously known as BioCelles XG Hair tonic. It has evolved over time from its previous glorious predecessor with the name of "XG Hair" into the latest name of BioCelles Hair Essence (BHE).

BioXbait - Ant : Organic and Naturally Occurring Salt Mineral Compound to Completely Kill Ant's Colony BioXbait-Ant

Organic and naturally occurring mineral salt compound to completely wipe-out and kill colony of ant.

BioXbait products - eliminate and kill pests BioXbait

Our BioX pest range of products is separated into two main streams: