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THE PAST: the source of our herbal knowledge

The Hiews - Descendants of Jiang Zi Ya (a.k.a. Jiang Tai Gong)The history of Biocelles Technology began in the late 1870s with ShiShan Hiew, who as goodwill gestures, distributed indigenous herbal remedies to relatives, neighbours and friends to promote good health.

ShiShan Hiew, a man from GuangDong, China has deep interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and based his knowledge from the ancient wisdom of Eastern practices passed on by his ancestors on manuscripts and transcripts.

These are formulas which are 100% based on medicinal herbs and plants that have survived three millenniums of trials and usage of careful observation of the effects on thousand herbs. His knowledge was passed on to his descendents, from one generation to another.

THE PRESENT: the legacy will live on... East meets West

Mr. Hiew - BioCelles FounderSince 1999, WT Hiew, third generation descendent of ShiShan Hiew and also our Biocelles Technology founder, worked to bring to the world the ancient wisdom that was passed on to him. At that time, the wisdom passed on by his great grandfather was practiced locally by his mother. The formulations were prepared on a smaller scale then, where through words of mouth people sought her for the healing remedies.

For consecutive 18 years since 1999, Hiew combined the latest western scientific methods and research techniques with ancient herbal knowledge to formulate BioCelles products. Biocelles raw materials are sourced by ethical wildcrafting and planting of high quality organic herbs. All our original organic herbal formulation and its extracts are based on the Hiews' medicinal bibles.

BioCelles Founder Mr. Hiew, jungle herbal exploration, ethical wildcrafting

Today, the quality and purity of Biocelles traditional herbal medicines are improved formulations. These are natural herbal formulation that would assist you in your weight loss program; improve your heart, liver, kidney and lung function; enhance your immune system and help fight cancers and diseases

Traditional herbal  medication has been around for thousands of years, it is well known for its immune enhancing factor, contrast to western medicine that suppress the immune system and mask symptoms. Even a well-known politician and trained doctor of western medicine, Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad (Prime Minister of Malaysia), said Chinese medication cured his chronic intractable cough, which took modern medicine longer time to stop it. Below is the excerpt from his speech during the "International Convention on Biotechnology 2002 ":

"Although we are now trained in science, some of the old culture of secrecy and belief in magic even remains. This is unfortunate because there are sufficient evidence that the old medicaments are often effective. As a trained practitioner of modern medicine I should not be saying this but I used to suffer from chronic intractable cough accompanied by running nose and lung infection. What we call modern medication took a long time to stop the cough. But persuaded by a Chinese friend, I took Chinese medicine and the cough stopped. When I had another attack I tried the medicine again, and again it worked." - Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad (Malaysia's Prime Minister 2018~2020 and 1981~2003)

BioCelles founder, Mr. Hiew, Western principles and Eastern methodologies

Herbal medicines are not only routinely used in many hospitals in China, but also commonly used at home by ethnic Chinese in various parts of the world such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, United Kingdom and The United States.

Biocelles herbal products serve as immune enhancers to "fine-tune" your daily health. Take advantage now on our centuries-old knowledge to support you in living a healthy life! In line with ShiShan Hiew’s spirit to share effective remedies to those who need it, Biocelles products are available for purchase online. Feel free to browse this site.

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HIEWS' 100-year old medicinal bible

THE FUTURE: pullulating with the advancement of Biotechnology

Past and Future... emerging

In 1953, the three-dimensional structure of DNA was deciphered by James Watson (geneticist) and Francis Crick (physicist) thus marking the beginning of molecular biology in 20th century. Their determination of the physical structure of the DNA molecule became the foundation for modern biotechnology, enabling scientists to deciphered the complete genetic code of human chromosome in 1999. This has lead to a profound advancement in human health improvement.

Later, Celera Genomics and the Human Genome Project completed a rough draft on the human genome in year 2000, and this set another path to biotechnology advancement for the betterment of human health. With this knowledge:

  • Pigs are cloned by researchers to produce organs for human transplant.
  • The common cause of bacterial meningitis is identified.
  • Golden-Rice is modified to make vitamin A, hopefully to help 3rd world countries mitigate blindness.

Healthcare and Wellness evolving

A year later, researchers around the world are able to develop new & improved treatments when the sequence of the human genome was published in Science and Nature.

This assisted scientists to complete the draft sequence of the critical pathogen of rice, which prevented the pathogen in detroying enough rice to feed 60 million people annually.

Since the added threat of diseases such as COVID-19, MERS, SARS, EBOLA, AIDS (HIV), bird flu (AIV, e.g. H5N1, H7N1 etc.), cronic cancers, VZV, HSV, HPV and many other deadly diseases, scientists are forced to look for new therapies based on the latest knowledge on human genome within the field of biotechnology. Within time, Biocelles Techonlogy will release new and improved remedies.