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The Legacy Lives On... East Meets West

Mr. Hiew - BioCelles FounderSince 1999, Hiew WT, third generation descendant of the Hiews in Malaysia and also our Biocelles Technology founder; worked to bring to the world the ancient wisdom in preventive healthcare which was passed on to him by his grandfather. In the olden days, this health-preservation wisdom was passed on by his great-grandfather to his grandfather with collection of old herbal and natural healthcare manuscripts and transcripts.

It was then occasionally practised locally by his grandfather, only for the care of the family when need arises. And at certain times, this health knowledge also used as a reference and guidance to practise in helping relatives, neighbours and friends that were distressed by health-disorders.

BioCelles Founder Mr. Hiew, jungle herbal exploration, ethical wildcraftingThe Hiews' collection of health manuscripts and transcripts were also frequently referred by our founder's mother whenever ailments, diseases or sicknesses intruded the family. It was also used as a guidance in the daily routine of herbal soup and herbal tea consumption of the family members for the cultivation of vitality and maintenance of good health (preventive healthcare). As well as for the enhancement and balancing of a vigorous bodily health system. The formulations were prepared on a smaller scale then, where through words of mouth people sought the Hiews for healing remedies and regimens.

For consecutive years since 1999, Hiew combined the latest western scientific methods and research techniques with ancient herbal knowledge to formulate BioCelles products. The formulations have been continuously improved and refined over time. Biocelles raw materials are sourced by ethical wildcrafting and planting of high quality organic herbs. All our original organic herbal formulation and its extracts are based on the Hiews' medicinal manuscripts.

Today, the quality and purity of Biocelles traditional herbal medicines are improved formulations. These are natural herbal formulation that would assist you in :
  • your weight loss program;
  • enhancing your immune system;
  • the fight of ailments and diseases;
  • improving the function of your endocrine system:
    1. heart rate
    2. metabolism
    3. blood pressure
    4. body temperature
    5. appetite and digestion
    6. growth and development
    7. sleeping and waking cycles
    8. sexual function and reproduction
  • improving your heart, liver, kidney and lung function;
  • guarding your personal wellness and household hygiene.

Traditional herbal medication has been around for thousands of years, it is well known for its immune enhancing factor, contrast to western medicine that suppresses the immune system and masks symptoms. Even a well-known politician and trained doctor of western medicine, Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad (Former Prime Minister of Malaysia), said Chinese medication cured his chronic intractable cough, which took modern medicine longer time to stop it. Below is the excerpt from his speech during the "International Convention on Biotechnology 2002 ":

"Although we are now trained in science, some of the old culture of secrecy and belief in magic even remains. This is unfortunate because there are sufficient evidence that the old medicaments are often effective. As a trained practitioner of modern medicine I should not be saying this but I used to suffer from chronic intractable cough accompanied by running nose and lung infection. What we call modern medication took a long time to stop the cough. But persuaded by a Chinese friend, I took Chinese medicine and the cough stopped. When I had another attack, I tried the medicine again, and again it worked."
- Tun Dr. Mahathir bin Mohamad
(Malaysia Prime Minister 2018~2020 and 1981~2003)

BioCelles founder, Mr. Hiew, Western principles and Eastern methodologiesHerbal medicines and regimens are not only routinely used in many hospitals in China, but also commonly used at home by ethnic Chinese in various parts of the world such as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, SAR Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, United Kingdom, European countries and the United States.

Biocelles traditional and natural products and services serve as immune enhancers and health guardian to enhance and improve your daily health and personal hygiene. Take advantage now on our centuries-old knowledge to support you in living a healthy life! In line with the Hiews' spirit to share effective remedies for those who need it, Biocelles products are available for purchase online. Feel free to browse this site.

"We are looking for interested party to be our valuable partner, distributor, affiliate or retailer. Please contact us now to find out more. Thank you."

HIEWS' 100-year old medicinal bible