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BioGenew was previously known as "BioCelles-XG (Skin)". The name is still used interchangeably.

BioGenew is traditionally used to treat most skin related infection, especially proven in the treatment and 100% healing of common warts, genital warts, plantar wart, filiform wart and most of the warts that caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).  BioGenew can totally cure you from any wart's infection, after curing, it will be permanent with no relapses. You can cure yourself by doing it at the comfort of your home, it's just a very simple application procedure.

皮肤皮层细胞精华BioGenew是一种传统性纯草药用于治愈多种皮层上滋生的真菌,细菌和病毒感染。它证实有效完全治愈皮肤上由人类乳头瘤病毒 (HPV) 感染的任何种类的疣体,包括普通手脚皮肤疣体,湿疣,跖疣,扁皮疣,疙瘩疣等等。此产品能完全没有复发的治好你由HPV感染的疣体。你只需在家简单的几个步骤就能疗愈。

BioGenew also commonly used to maintain the cleanliness of the skin from abnormal growth from bacteria or virus infection. It is safe to be even used to maintain the health of female vagina or male penis by cleansing the vagina from fungal, bacteria and virus infection. Thus, BioGenew will also eliminate the foul smell of the female or male private organ.


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