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Huo Xin Ren (活心仁) or commonly known as HXR is our company most successful product.

It was previously known as ShuXinRen (舒心仁) and with its successful medicinal effect that has earned this product reputable credits and has grown to become internationally popular; our management has renamed it to HuoXinRen (活心仁) to make this product more relevant in representing its core health value to all its trusted users.

Huo Xin Ren or HXR is a supplement to strengthen the heart function and is traditionally used in easing any pain related to the heart (cardiovascular pain).

Heart HXR is an all natural organic compound formulated from the ancient traditional healthcare ingredients. HXR used only pure organic herbs that observe stringent quality control. This health supplement is traditionally used as :

  • a natural herbs to relieve heart pain
  • a traditional herbs to enhance the effectiveness of a healthy beating heart
  • an agent in improving blood circulation and normalising heartbeat
  • an agent to regulate the functionalities of the heart

Heart HXR has been used and proven over a period of more than decades in its heart enhancement effectiveness with many successful cases. Especially for patient who is suffering from shortness of breath when climbing staircases or for those who is feeling a sudden and quick pain in the chest, heart HXR as a supplement can ease up these symptoms and for some cases, it even completely eliminate these issues by instilling the heart functions back to normal.

There is no known side effects of heart HXR. Please make your order today. You can benefit from this 100 year old wisdom in heart protection and preservation herbal formulations.

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