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Latest ANNOUNCEMENT  ‣    Our popular and highly demanded BioDSS sanitiser is NOW available in 1 liter and 5 liter refilling packing. Even up to 200 liter packaging can be arranged. Please order from our Distributors or Resellers. Thank you.



The Source of Our Herbal Knowledge

The Hiews - Descendants of Jiang Zi Ya (a.k.a. Jiang Tai Gong)

The history of BioCelles began in the late 1870s with our founder's great-grandfather as goodwill gestures distributed indigenous herbal remedies to relatives, neighbours and friends to promote good health.

For generations, the Hiews has based their health preservation knowledge from the ancient wisdom of Eastern and Oriental practices passed on by their ancestors through trial and error, as well as by manuscripts and transcripts written by intellectual herbalist and scholars of ancient time.

Drawing experiences from many generations on maintaining good health for his own family, Mr. Hiew with his profound interest in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has intensively referred and acquired his knowledge of health-care regimens from their collection of herbal and health related writings, transcripts and manuscripts.

The Hiews' ancient old herbal manuscripts

These are all natural and traditional formulas which are 100% based on natural methodologies with organic and natural medicinal herbs, plants & procedures that have survived three millenniums of trials and usage of careful observation on the effects of thousand herbs.

Healthcare and Wellness evolving

Since then, the Hiews health-preservation and health-care knowledge has passed on to his descendants from one generation to another. Until the year 1999, our founder Mr. Hiew WT has decided to reorganise these alternative medicines, indigenous remedies and herbal knowledge to make these health-preservation regimens and phytotherapies available to all.