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Label error anti-bacterial to antimicrobial

BioDSS : AntiMicrobial : Label Rectification

As seen from the image, we have rectified an error on the label of our BioDSS. Amended the word from "Anti-Bacteria" to "AntiMicrobial".

The word "Anti-Bacteria" is a designer mistake that doesn't cover all the functionalities of our BioDSS which also inhibits and neutralises other microorganism like viruses, fungus and spores.

We will replaced it with new batch of label with the correct word of "AntiMicrobial" when the old batch of labels are consumed.

Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year 2020

Dear Distributors, Customers and Partners,

We wish you a happy and prosperous lunar Rodent (Rat) new year 2020.


With best regards,
BioCelles management

BioDSS spraying and dispensing bottles Bio DSS of HOCl / HClO and Artemisia Argyi


Dear Supplier, Distributor and Partner,

Thank you for all your enquiries on our BioDSS HOCl / HClO sanitiser. We are experiencing high demand now.

We are now operating full time to fulfill orders as fast as possible to serve our customers in this difficult times.

We appreciate your support and your loyalty to BioCelles. Our lead times on Bio DSS products are currently up to 7 days to shipment.

Please limit phone and email inquiries, because it can disrupt our web-system, and this can help us to save valuable time in attempt to serve you better!

Bio DSS Hypochlorous acid functions and usages

BioDSS ( HOCl / HClO ) : Antimicrobial / Antipathogenic Biocide

New Era in Preventive and Hygienic Healthcare

BioCelles BioDSS is an all natural cleanser made from the purest ingredients to sanitise, sterilise and disinfect diseases borne pathogens. HOCl or HClO is a weak acid substance categorised as halogen oxoacid, it is a natural substance generated by human own immune system as an antibacterial / antiviral innate immune response to invading pathogens in our body.

Our old web system front page, it's a legacy now...

Legacy Web System

During the enhancement of our BioCelles' WebSystem to the new iWebSys version 2018/2019, we still make our legacy WebSystem available to all for references or accessing information in our database.

Our apology that as of today, we need to cease the access of old BioCelles WebSystem with immediate effect, since this has made our system upgrade and maintenance to version 2019/2020 difficult. We are sorry for any inconvenience cause to you.

Please contact our support if you need any assistance or information. Thank you.

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